2002 – 2005


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On 29th August 2002 37890 and the other two class 37/7s at Wembley were hired (on paper) to pool WKSN for possibly use on Sandite duties. When it had been found that there were sufficient class 37/5s available for these duties, the three class 37/7s were transferred back to pool WKGR on 31st August. All three were moved to Old Oak Common TMD for special tests on 4th September and transferred to pool WNSS EWS locomotives stored serviceable on 11th September.

On completion of repairs they were transferred on 4th October to pool WKAD EWS class 37 Midlands and North West, allocated to Crewe Diesel depot. All three left Old Oak Common on 7th October for Acton Yard and on to Didcot where they returned to service. It was again transferred to pool WNSS EWS locomotives stored serviceable on 19th December and stored at Crewe DMD. Then on 13th January 2003 it was transferred to pool WNTR EWS locomotives stored ‘tactical reserve’, remaining at Crewe DMD.

After several months in store it was transferred on 6th June 2003 to pool WKAD EWS class 37 Midlands and North West and moved inside Crewe DMD for repairs and fitting TPWS equipment, returning to service on 17th June. 37890 arrived at Cardiff Canton TMD for store on 18th December 2003 and was officially transferred to pool WNTR EWS locomotives stored ‘tactical reserve’ on the 22nd.

On 11th August 2004 37890 and three other class 37s were hauled from Cardiff Canton TMD to Margam LIP for attention and possible reinstatement. It was reinstated to Sandite pool WKSN at Margam on 27th September. 37890 was stored at Margam on 13th December in new pool WNTA EWS Sandite locomotives stored.

37890 and several other class 37s were temporarily reinstated on 6th January 2005 but remained in pool WNTA. They were used for weekend work and returned to store at Margam on the 18th.

In September 2007, when several stored locomotive pools were disbanded, 37890 was transferred to pool WNXX EWS locomotives stored serviceable, remaining at Margam.

37890 was one of sixteen stored locomotives offered for sale by DB Schenker, formerly EWS, in October 2009. Four of the class 37s, including 37890, were bought by the R.J. Hull jnr., Rotherham in early December. It was removed from Margam by road just before Christmas and taken as far as Allely’s yard at Studley, Warwickshire. After the holiday break it resumed its journey on 5th January and was delivered to Hull’s yard the following day. 37890 remained at Hull’s yard for more than half a year; it was cut up in early August 2010.

  37890 with loaded engineers’ train at Didcot, 10th November 2002. Dave Campbell
  The other end of 37890, showing that it carried the number 890 only on one nose end, 10th November 2002. Dave Campbell
  37890 heads north at Worting Junction on engineers’ train 22nd July 2003. James Mayl

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