France 1999 – 2000


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On 11th June 1999 37890 was transferred to pool WNXX (Stored Locomotives) as a result of derailment damage and stored at Cardiff Canton depot. On 2nd July it was transferred to pool WKMF designated Special Projects. This pool was created for locomotives being despatched to Eurre in France for construction work on the extension of the LGV from Valence to Marseilles. The nameplates were removed before its movement to France which took place via the Channel Tunnel on 13th July 1999.

37890 was one of a number of Cl.37s which worked in France during the construction of the TGV Sud line; they were based at Eurre.

After completion of the French contract 37890 was ‘repatriated’ back through the Channel Tunnel on 10th September 2000 and was subsequently moved to Tyne yard for storage arriving there on 13th September.

RO November 2001 reported that 37890 has been moved to storage at Crewe Diesel depot, where it was subsequently repaired for potential further use abroad. 37890 was transferred to pool WKGS, special projects, Spain (RO June 2002) and on to pool WKGR, special projects, Italy (RO July 2002). It was moved to Wembley in May where it was joined by two other class 37/7s for planned movement to Italy, after initially being thought to be going to Spain as replacements for two class 37s that had crashed there. That planned movement never took place; it would appear that the requirement for three more class 37/7s in Italy was delayed or cancelled.

  37890 at Eurre, France, 15th October 1999. Geoff Dunster
  SNCF 63517 next to 37890 at Eurre, France, 15th October 1999. Geoff Dunster
  37890 at Lalo, France, 27th March 2000. Dave Campbell

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