Naming Ceremony


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B R Logo Hither Green
23rd. February 1994

37890 was still an Immingham engine in pool FPFR and carrying ‘triple-grey’ livery with Petroleum sub-sector decals when it arrived at Hither Green Depot on 23rd February 1994 for the unveiling of its new name. It was named The Railway Observer by RCTS President Hugh Gould and Chairman Rodney Lissenden. The naming ceremony, which was held at Hither Green depot on a very grey, wet morning was attended by members of the RCTS Management Committee and two former chairmen.

A full description of the naming ceremony is given in The Railway Observer (RO) April 1994 on page 148. Additional photographs of the naming ceremony, including one of the naming party and one with a group of drivers, are on pages 168 and 169 of the same issue of RO.

A secondary plate inscribed ‘The Journal of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society Founded in 1928 RCTS’ was added at a later date; the text on this plate was all in upper case using a smaller font except for RCTS which was in larger italic font.

  37890 at Hither Green carrying its new name on 23rd February 1994. Brian Morrison
  Members of the Management Committee and Society officers stand in front of 37890 after unveiling the nameplate on 23rd February 1994. Brian Morrison
  37890s nameplate, showing the secondary plate fitted at a later date. Dave Titheridge

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