1997 – 2001


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In September 1997, EWS centralised the allocation of class 60 locomotives at Toton, with other class members from Cardiff Canton, Immingham and Stewarts Lane transferred to Toton pool ENAN. The code of this pool was changed to WCAN class 60, systemwide in a reorganisation of the EWS pools in January 1999.

In November 2000, EWS moved back to the previous system of allocating locomotives to specific depots for maintenance purposes and 60001 was moved to Thornaby (TE) in pool WCAT, designated Class 60 North Eastern (North). This allocation still applied at the time of naming.

All members of the class were allocated names from the outset, and the plates were fitted by Brush before the locomotives were delivered. Those expected to go to the Construction sub-sector were to be named after British mountains but, as the first of its class, 60001 was an exception in being named Steadfast. After EWS took over, names were removed from many of these locomotives and 60001 was so treated in September 1996.

The standard Trainload Freight ‘triple grey’ livery was applied to 60001 when built, together with the correct Construction sub-sector decals, formed of blue and yellow squares. As a point of interest, it can be seen from old records that some of the class were allocated to duties differing from those envisaged at the time of ordering and, as a result, carried the ‘wrong’ names and sub-sector markings. Subsequently, these decals were replaced with Mainline Freight logos, this change being reported in the June 1996 RO. 60001 was then one of the earlier recipients of the now standard EWS red and yellow livery, in its revised form with the letters EWS on the yellow band and the EWS logo on the right-hand cab side. The change was reported in the April 1997 RO.

  60001 passing its “place of birth” with down bogie oil tanks, Loughborough, 19th April 1997. Peter Kellett
  60001 near Langley Mill with 6Z64 Corby to Lackenby empty steel coil wagons 6th May 1997. Dave Peachey
  60001 at Redland stone terminal, Barham, 11th November 1998. Carl Rayner
  60001 at Barnetby with loaded iron ore tipplers, 3rd September 1999. David Neville
  60001 approaches Cardiff with loaded steel slab, possibly Margam to Llanwern, 18th March 2000. Dave Campbell
  60001 hauling 6S36 Dalston to Grangemouth empty bogie oil tanks, Ravenstruther, 3rd August 2000. Peter Kellett
  60001 near Langley Mill with 6M55 09.58 Lindsey to Rectory Junction loaded bogie oil tanks, 27th December 2000. Dave Peachey

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