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  Line drawing of 925 Cheltenham by R.K. Richardson
This first appeared on the front cover of The Railway Observer (RO) in January 1936 and was used in this form until December 1949, except for some years during World War II when there was paper shortage.
  Modified version of the drawing, which first appeared on the front cover of RO in January 1950. This drawing, which shows a larger diameter chimney, was based on incorrect official information. While at Eastleigh Works in 1941, 925 was fitted with a multiple jet blastpipe but, before a larger hole had been cut in the smokebox, a decision was made not to modify any more locomotives, a single blastpipe was refitted before 925 left the works. It is not known whether Cheltenham carried the inscription BRITISH RAILWAYS on the tender in early 1950. It had been repainted green in January 1948, after being black during the war, but wasn’t renumbered then; the sighting of 925 at Hastings in August 1949 reported "still Southern and fairly clean green". R.K. Richardson
  Cheltenham was re-painted in lined black livery in May 1950, numbered 30925 with the first BR lion logo on the tender. This modified line drawing, with original chimney, appeared on the front cover of RO from January 1951. R.K. Richardson
  In January 1962 the line drawing was modified again to show the second BR lion logo on the tender. R.K. Richardson
  In January 1964 the front cover of RO was "cleaned up", removing lists of society officers and affiliated societies, with the line drawing enlarged and used sideways. The cover of "milestone" issue number 500 was selected as appropriate for this photo gallery since issue number 1000 of RO appeared in 2012. R.K. Richardson
  In January 1972, the cover reverted to a horizontal drawing near the top, with the RCTS logo added. December 1972 RO was the last one to use a drawing of Cheltenham. R.K. Richardson

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