David Flatman’s Railway Quiz No 5

1)      It is reputed that the sun can be seen shining through this tunnel at dawn on the designers birthday, can you name the tunnel?

2)      The L S W R Class 0298 2-4-0T locomotives were used on this lightly laid mineral branch for many years can you name the branch?

3)      A loch side terminal station in Scotland was cut back and rebuilt to allow for a road to be built relieving traffic travelling through the main street, can you name this station?

4)      One of the great train spotting memories of Kings Cross was to hear the chime whistle of a ‘streak’ A4 coming out of Gas Works tunnel and running into the station, but sometimes you were deceived by what looked like an A4 approaching, can you recall what locomotive this was, which was the only one of its class?

5)       The old Lynton & Barnstable Railway had five locomotives built by two companies, four were built by Manning and Wardle but which company built the other locomotive?

6)      The Rhaetian Railway which runs almost exclusively in Switzerland but has a southern terminus just over the border in Italy can you name this terminus?

7)      The ‘Deerstalker’ is the unofficial name of which service?

8)      One of the Lake Windermere steamers built for the Furnace Railway and still operating today was built by a company in Essex and moved in parts by rail for assembly at Lakeside, can you name this steamer and the company that built it?

9)      The ‘Coast Starlight’ is a premium service that operates between these two cities?

10)   A Great North of Scotland built locomotive often used on the Speyside branch was used on special workings in 1959/60 it is now preserved in Glasgow, can you find this locomotive?

11)   A ‘Battle of Britain’ Class locomotive was named after the commander of 12 Group during the battle who was he and which was the locomotive?

12)   The Cambridge ‘Royal’ engine was often used on the ‘Cambridge Buffet Car Express’ between Cambridge and Kings Cross when not required for royal duties, can you name this locomotive?

13)   The ex Midland branch line now terminating at Redditch is still operational but where did this route continue to?

14)   What was the last paddle steamer to operate the Portsmouth to Ryde service?

15)   Back to one of my favourite subjects Summer Saturdays over the South Devon Main Line. The rostered ‘King’ Class locomotive that worked the 10.30 Down ‘Cornish Rivera  Express’ came off at Newton Abbot, the train continued with two new locomotives into Cornwall not stopping at Plymouth. Can you find out what happened to the ‘King’ for its next working?

16)   This Midland shed was near a chocolate factory can you name it?

17)   Can you find the lakeside terminal of the Brienz Rothorn rack railway in Switzerland?

18)   This ‘Sealink’ car ferry started service on the Newhaven to Dieppe route and was named after the hill on the battlefield where the Battle of Hastings took place?

19)    This big marshalling yard is in the shadow of Spaghetti Junction on the M6 can you name it?

20)   This surviving ‘Deltic’ is named after the winner of the 1952 Derby, can you find it?

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