11 November 2020 · A 1950s Cornucopia Part II

Presenter: Noel Thompson

We were joined by 46 Zoomers from South Wales, and England (welcome all) to hear part 2 of Noel’s presentation.

Noel started off by completing his comprehensive review of pre grouping and post grouping steam classes. He moved on with a personal pilgrimage up the Rhymney Valley line, that he travelled during his childhood.

He finished with a wide variety of shots of South Wales railways, including some idiosyncratic locations like Fochriw and Pant-y-Waun Halt! These were very much enjoyed by the Taffs (“I remember it well” or “I’ve never seen that one before”) but probably left our English visitors a bit confused.

It was a true cornucopia and Noel’s efforts were appreciated by our little band of zoomers.