11th December 2019 · ‘A Selection of Videos’

Presenter: Mike Wilcock

An appreciative audience of 42 came to watch Mike Wilcock show videos of the UK railway scene during recent years.

Before the interval we saw some views of Class 66s arriving at Newport and the convoy of the final eight on the Bishton flyover that included the sheeted-over 66779. Then at the NRM the naming of that locomotive (Evening Star) alongside its steam namesake was viewed, followed by a brief tour of the museum. Mike showed some 66s on a railtour in South Wales and the naming of 66783 at York.

When 34046 (dressed as 34052) came to Cardiff, Mike had permission to film it being serviced at Canton depot, a sight few of us have managed.

Paddington’s send off for the HSTs featured, as did a trip to Old Oak Common ‘Open Day’.

The second half of the show featured a trip to the Great Central Railway for their diesel gala, ‘The Cumbrian Hoovers’ at Stafford and the Class 40 weekend on the East Lancashire Railway.

A superb show put together by a very professional video photographer, from the reviewer’s viewpoint, it was good to see moving images combined with sound, a pleasant change from the usual fare of ‘stills’.