RCTS – West Midlands Branch Meeting Report October 16th 2023 – Coventry



On Monday 16th October 2023 we welcomed Colin Hall, Chairman of the LMS Patriot 5551 ‘New Build’ group. He presented the history of the class with a number of interesting illustrations before he gave updates (Project Reset) as they enter Phase 3 of the new build.


Colin outlined the ‘Trials & Tribulations’ that have changed dramatically since their Llangollen experience. Colin continued to explain in full the reasons for ‘Project Reset’ as the group is getting close to what will become their 3rd home as the process and reconciliation begin to see much progress.


Sharing his story with members of the 5551 Group in the audience Colin brought us up to date as of now in Autumn 2023. The meeting closed with a good question and answer session before we thanked him for a very interesting presentation.