3rd March 2020 · ‘Capturing the present and re-creating the past’

Presenter: Jason Cross

For our 3rd March meeting we welcomed Leicester-based Jason Cross for a first visit to present ‘Capturing the present and re-creating the past’. We saw many locomotives and multiple units from all around the country, as well as the Isle of Man.

Highlights were:-

Night shots including the Old Dalby test track, Wilmcote and the Flying Banana at Paddock Wood. Over at the Midland Railway Centre Jason put a halogen lamp in the firebox of 158A with his hi-viz over it to give the effect of an engine in steam.

86251 was on a railtour at Carlisle, a pair of Class 50s at Woking, a class 68 & 88 at Penzance. Oddities included 60009 and 87002 at Paddington, 2 73s at Potters Bar and Paddington.

On sleeper trains we had 57602 at Newton Abbot, we saw an HST crossing the Royal Border Bridge with a calm river and the train was perfectly reflected in it.

We then visited the Great Central Railway, and the Epping & Ongar Railway where we saw 50026 and unit 205205 at North Weald. We saw RATs (Rail Adhesion Trains, not Class 25s!) at North Acton, Woodford and Harrow, all the current different stocks on LUL as well as steam shots from Met 150 and District 150.

Over to Isle of Wight for the 1938 stock, then some Narrow Gauge scenes followed by multiple units and many freight including a pair of 73s at Purley with the snow & ice train.

This was an excellent show with lots of different shots aided by Jason’s 10m pole which reached parts other smaller poles don’t reach, and was enjoyed by an audience of thirty members and visitors.

Rob Davidson, Branch Secretary