4th February 2020 · ‘A Pictorial Review of the 1935-1962 Tube Stock Family’

Presenter: Brian Hardy

For our February meeting Brian Hardy paid us a return visit for ‘A Pictorial Review of the 1935-1962 Tube Stock Family’ which followed on from his Standard Stock presentation.

We opened with the 1935 streamlined stock which never really took off and was abandoned before WW2. The first passenger train of 1938 stock ran on 30/06/38 and the last one built, car 012476 in July 1947. Altogether 1,288 cars were built, and they ran on the Bakerloo, Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines with some of them having standard stock trailer cars between the 1938 driving cars. Northern Line last day was 14/04/78 followed by a special tour two months later. Piccadilly Line finished with them in Dec 1975. They also served on the Northern City Line and East London Line.

1956 stock had 3 trains built by Metro-Cammell, Gloucester and Birmingham and were tested vigorously, these were used as automatic trains on the Hainault Loop.

The 1959/62 stocks were used mainly on Piccadilly and Northern [59] and Central [62].

They finished their LT lives during the 1990s, but some went on to further lives, e.g. to the IOW, 3 cars to Bramley MOD then Bicester and others as personnel carriers, weed killing train and an unsuccessful Tunnel Cleaning Train as well as a couple of RATs [Rail Adhesion Train].

There were 1,256 cars of 59/62 stock.

One 1938 driving car is in the LT Museum and a complete 4 car set trundles out onto the underground now and then.

An attendance of 33 had an entertaining evening with a lot more facts and figures than given above with some great photos and Brian will be back next year.

Rob Davidson, Branch Secretary