9 December 2020 · Holidays in Cornwall

Presenter: Stuart Warr

We were joined by 44 Zoomers from South Wales, and England (welcome all) to hear Stuart Warr’s typically thorough and comprehensive round trip of Cornwall’s railways over the last 30 years.

Stuart covered all the Cornish rail lines, and just about all of the traction to be seen there over the last 30 years, with the exception of the infamous Skippers.

He also included the preserved railway at Bodmin.

Great care had been taken in framing many of the shots to exploit the wonderful views and locations in Cornwall. We went from the Saltash Bridge to the buffer stops at Penzance. I particularly enjoyed the wide variety of freight train photographs, sadly most of them now of historic interest.

Many thanks to Peter Fortune and Jeremy Segrott for hosting and managing the Zoom technology so efficiently.