Join the RCTS

New members are enrolled to end-2024.

The prices shown are after a £10 discount (to welcome new members) has been applied.

Postal applications

If you prefer to post your application, please download the Application Form.  Address details for where to send it are contained therein.

New members with UK bank accounts

The Society would prefer new members with UK bank accounts to choose between these four options.  We use GoCardless to manage recurring variable Direct Debits. We will always send renewal reminders before requesting further payments from your bank.

D/D Online only [£9.00]

D/D Printed RO UK [£27.00]

D/D Printed RO Europe [£51.00]

D/D Printed RO Rest of World [£70.00]

You will receive updates from GoCardless as your new online direct debit mandate is progressed by the banking system.

Other payment methods

When paying by card or Paypal, please choose between these four options.

Non-UK cards: Payments will be made in GBP and converted by your card provider.

Online only [£10.00]

Printed RO UK [£28.00]

Printed RO Europe [£52.00]

Printed RO Rest of World [£71.00]

Membership until 31st December 2024

The new joiners' prices shown here are after an introductory welcome discount of £10 has been applied.

Existing members wishing to renew should access the Members' Area (using their membership login) and make their selection there.  Renewals are open 1st November - 31st December 2023.

Former members wishing to re-join are very welcome. The introductory prices offered here are only available after a fallow year has passed. Late renewals open 1st January 2024 via the public website at full rates.

The membership year runs 1st January - 31st December.  New members joining 1st September onwards are enrolled into the following year and enjoy up to 16 months membership.

Payment methods

Direct debit (UK bank accounts)

Direct debit has many operational and financial advantages for the Society and we prefer it for membership payments.  Discounted rates are offered when this payment method is selected.

The GoCardless service utilises the direct debit network, and can be operated entirely online. No more paper mandates.

Credit and debit cards

Payments are made into the Society's Paypal account,  You do not need your own Paypal account to use this service.


Payments from your Paypal account are also welcome.


Online vs Printed RO Memberships

The Railway Observer is published 12 times a year. Online membership comes with all members' benefits except that The Railway Observer is available in digital form only.  The magazine can be read online using a viewer that mimics page-turning, or downloaded as a PDF file to be enjoyed offline.

If you prefer to read a physical magazine, select a Printed membership option to have copies posted to you. The different prices reflect differing rates for posting in the UK and worldwide.  Full online access is still available, and usually gives the earliest access to the magazine.

Membership cards

Your membership number will be allocated and emailed to you, after which you should be able to login to the Members' Area.

A membership pack containing your membership card will be posted once your payment has been confirmed.  Print-your-own membership cards apply to renewals.