More from the Peter Bland Collection

A presentation by Bryan Cross.

Following a huge storm causing wide spread local flooding in the late afternoon we thank those members who turned out for tonight’s meeting. In which Bryan Cross showed us Part 4 of the Peter Bland collection. This turned out to be a rather interesting evening about mainly two-axle industrial shunters, in many guises, found throughout the country, covering a period approximately from 1920 to 1955. Among those places visited, after starting in the Sheerness area, we went to Stavely and the huge industrial complex there, this was adjacent to what is now Barrow Hill. We then travelled to two more local sites showing the huge brick works at Stewartby, which Bryan knew well, and on to the British Sugar Corporation at Wissington in the Ely area, Access to this factory site was only by rail and river, the railway was originally a private line solely for agricultural purposes, the railway here opened in 1908, extended in 1925, closing in 1982. Then we moved around the country in a very random manner as the collection was shown in date order. We closed the evening at Langwith Junction and shed along side of which was W. H. Davies wagon works, which owned a very strange little loco used only for moving the works traverser. Peter obtained all his pictures by entering premises looking very smart, wearing a bowler hat and carrying a brief case, he was never refused entry and rarely challenged! A very different perspective of the railway scene but fascinating.

Dave Elsdon
Branch Secretary