Brush Diesel & Electric Locomotives 1980-2020


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We present our latest publication, this time on Brush Traction, a major builder of locomotives for export and within the UK.  Written by a life-long employee of Brush Traction this work covers the period 1980 to 2020 and covers all aspects of the Brush output of Diesel and Electric locomotives during that period plus the many changes experienced in work practice, management control and ownership of the brand name.

In addition to the export orders this work covers the large orders for BR Class 60, Class 92 and Eurotunnel.  Later chapters explore the changes in outlook which led to the development of re-engineering as the main stay of work undertaken by the works at Loughborough.  Detailed appendices are provided for all those locomotives built in 1980-2020 plus completely up-to-date tables on those built pre-1980 (Class 31, 47 etc).

Hardback: Presented in 184 pages with 73 accompanying photographs.

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