The 10000 locomotive re-build project

For our first meeting of the 2022-23 season on 13 September, Tony Ellershaw, chairman of the Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society gave us a summary of the original locomotives and their careers, and the history of the re-creation project and progress to date. The Society is engaged in re-creating pioneer LMS mainline diesel 10000, which together with its sister 10001, was scrapped before the preservation “industry” really kicked off. The aim is to produce a (non-mainline certified) locomotive using available parts from other classes, notably a frame from a Class 58 (which is dimensionally very similar) and bogies (and traction motors) from a Class 77 (Manchester – Sheffield EM2) which are nearly identical to those used on 10000/1. A prototypical English Electric 16SVT diesel engine has been obtained (so it should sound the part) and an alternator from a Class 56. The project has established a base at Wirksworth.

Progress can be followed on the society’s website at