The history of the Mansfield to Worksop Line – Denis Hill

The presentation was part of a project by the Robin Hood Line Community Rail Partnership to celebrate the Midland Railway between Mansfield and Worksop. The talk took a brief look at how different railways had already reached Mansfield and Worksop but had not joined the two together. We looked at the fight to make that connection and to see just what it provided and how it boosted the local economy.

The railway provided the much-needed link to the wider network, enabling local people to enjoy a day’s excursion, visit family, see that all-important football match, or even spend a week at Skegness. At the same time the coal mines and other businesses were able to ship their wares all over the country and even into Europe. Today it forms part of the Robin Hood Line between Nottingham and Worksop

A very interesting and informative talk