11th March 2021 · How I Became A Railway Author

Presenter: Colin Alexander

Colin Alexander did Newcastle proud on Thursday 11th March by volunteering at the E.G.M. to take over as Branch Secretary, following which he presented, “How I Became A Railway Author” to an online audience of 51. Enthused by his father from an early age, Colin’s love of railways began in the Deltics’ second and final decade of service, coincident with the decline of the North East’s heavy industries. There was much of interest to be photographed with an increasingly versatile range of equipment, so he amassed a collection that included main line, industrial and preservation scenes, enhanced by his avid membership of the Deltic Preservation Society. The development of Flickr from 2004 gave Colin the opportunity to share his collection with a wider audience, resulting in him being approached by Amberley Publishing who wished to make a book using his photos. Its success has led to the production of further titles of railway interest in conjunction with fellow enthusiasts, diversifying into his second love of local history. With more in the pipeline, there is much to be enjoyed from his works that cover the British railway scene from the 1960s to the present day, the contributions of major locomotive manufacturers, overseas railways and more. Thoroughly recommended.