14th October 2019 · Audience Selection

Presenter: Gavin Morrison

Our meeting on 14 October opened with the sad and unexpected news that Alan Lovecy, our Branch Chairman (since 2014) and longtime Secretary had died suddenly the previous week. Quite apart from our huge sense of loss at Alan’s passing, we realised that this would leave a substantial void in the running of the Branch. Accordingly Vice-Chairman, Keith Marshall, proposed, and it was agreed that the December AGM would be replaced by an EGM at which the future of the Branch could be exhaustively explored. The October meeting also received the melancholy news that Brian Staniland a former Chairman and loyal member of the Branch had also died following a long illness.

Gavin Morrison was our first speaker in October with a presentation in a novel format. Gavin had organised a large volume of images into numbered folders on his laptop, each folder containing a set of pictures around a separate theme, and members of the audience were invited to pick a number! In this way we ranged over a large number of topics, time periods and geographical locations to the great enjoyment of those present. Naturally the whole was greatly enhanced by the sheer quality of the material that Gavin had put together from his own collection which made the evening quite special.