Out and about in the UK and Europe 2023 by Robert Pritchard


Robert Pritchard’s annual review of the calendar year just ended has become a bit of a tradition for the Sheffield branch.  Robert’s Zoom presentation 'Out and about in UK and Europe 2023' provided us with a succession of varied and accomplished images as we followed our speaker in his role as Editor of 'Today’s Railways'.  While the total of over 400 images ranged far and wide, they began locally at Kirton Lindsey and ended locally too at Dore & Totley.  Indeed it was interesting to see the progress being made over the year between successive visits to Dore & Totley station where a second platform is being constructed.  We were not surprised to see scenes from the Czech Republic, something of a favourite of Robert’s, but this time also a number of shots of the changing scene in Slovakia.  Within the UK, South Wales and the far South-West provided some images of less familiar locations including a tour of Port Talbot steelworks where the heat was almost palpable.  Robert was diligent in showing us both new classes of rolling stock coming into service and those classes that were working out their final days on the network.  The former are particularly relevant to Robert’s magazine and he is privileged to attend (and share with us) most launches of new stock.  But there were also lighter moments and open days, including the Blackpool Tram depot, miniature railways and several transport museums.  Altogether a most impressive collection of photographs which attracted a large virtual audience to the excellent show.