Stanier Class 5 4-6-0s – Both volumes


Both Books

The Stanier Class 5 4-6-0s – Volume 1 – Nos 5000-5471 and
Volume 2 – Nos 45472-45499 and 44658-44999

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Volume 1 – Nos 5000-5471

The latest in the RCTS “Locomotives of the LMS Series”, this long awaited first of two volumes covers the design, development, construction and operation of one of the most well known and largest classes of steam locomotives ever to run on the railways of Great Britain. Authored by the well known and highly respected locomotive historian John Jennison, the book maintains the very high standard of detail and accuracy which is the hallmark of RCTS publications. Lavishly illustrated with black and white photographs from the introduction of the class through to the 1950s and with many diagrams and tables of data.

Page Size 214 x 276mm, casebound, 288 pages, 163 b+w illustrations. Published 2013.

Volume 2 – Nos 45472-45499 and 44658-44999

This volume continues on with the story of these locomotives known to enthusiasts as “Black Fives”. The author picks up the story of the class after Volume 1 dealt with the 472 Class 5s built before the Second World War. He continues with the development of the class under George Ivatt and the 370 engines that were introduced between 1943 and 1951. The book therefore introduces us to Caprotti valve gear, Stephenson motion and roller bearing axleboxes together with the tests and modifications required. The 1948 Interchange Trials are also featured with details of the test runs involving Class 5s. The volume includes many facts and figures on the class and as such is a required read for those with a lean towards LMS locomotives.

Page Size 214 x 27 mm, casebound, 256 pages, 126 b+w and 48 colour illustrations. Published 2015.