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61306 Mayflower
61306 Mayflower on 27th June 2019 on a Railtour. Image Credit : Dave Doulton

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John Godfrey
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9 Duddon Close West End Southampton SO18 3QA

Meeting reports

17th November 2021 . The Illustrated Goods Life – Part 1

23 Nov 2021

We were pleased to welcome Stewart Smith to our meeting on 17 November giving a presentation on The Illustrated Goods Life – Part 1. Upon leaving school Stewart settled on…

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20th October 2021 . Indian Hill Railways

20 Oct 2021

Presenter: David Peel Our meeting on 20 October saw David Peel take us to India for a tour of its hill railways, though mountain railways would be a more accurate…

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15th September 2021 . Chairman’s Delight

15 Sep 2021

John Godfrey The Solent Branch held its first meeting since February 2020 on 15th September 2021. Prior to the main presentation an interim annual general meeting was held. The committee…

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19th February 2020 · ‘Waterloo – Weymouth ‘

19 Feb 2020

Presenter: Mike Pym Unfortunately the speaker booked for the February meeting was unable to give the planned presentation, but an alternative speaker and subject was found in time for the…

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22nd January 2020 · ‘AGM’

22 Jan 2020

The branch AGM took place on 22 January. The Committee members elected to serve for the coming year were John Godfrey (Chairman and Secretary), Peter Ifold (Treasurer), Dave Doulton (Internet),…

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15th January 2020 · ‘Southampton Trams’

15 Jan 2020

Presenter: Martin Petch With 31 December 2019 marking the 70th anniversary of the closure of Southampton’s tram system it was fitting to mark the occasion with a presentation on the…

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18th December 2019 · ‘Films’

18 Dec 2019

Presenter: Dave Doulton The December meeting of the Solent Branch was the traditional evening of short DVDs which this year followed a continental theme. The first country visited was Switzerland…

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20th November 2019 · ‘Mid Hants Galas 1989-2019’

20 Nov 2019

Presenter: Tony Storey Our November meeting was an exercise in nostalgia as Tony Storey gave a comprehensive illustration of steam galas held at the Mid-Hants Railway between March 1989 and…

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16th October 2019 · Preparing St Pancras station for HS1

16 Oct 2019

Presenter: Mervyn Dunwoody The October meeting began with the sad announcement by the Branch Chairman of the very recent death of the Branch Secretary, Ted Vaughan, at the comparatively young…

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18th September 2019 · Customer and Communities Improvement

18 Sep 2019

Presenter: Mark Youngman Our intended speaker from South Western Railway, Phil Dominey, was on other Company business and Mark Youngman gave a presentation instead. With an interesting job title of…

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10th August 2019 · ‘Arlington Works Visit’

10 Aug 2019

This was a good visit in that the weather stayed dry until we were leaving, although it was a bit windy. There was a lot to see as shown in…

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19th June 2019 · Observation Evening – Eastleigh

19 Jun 2019

The evening was not one to encourage many members to observe trains at Eastleigh. Dismal weather and a strike by some SWT staff meant reduced activity. One northbound Freightliner appeared…

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15th May 2019 · ‘Czech it out!’

15 May 2019

Presenter: John Godfrey To close the season Chairman John Godfrey spoke on the Czech Republic. The Czech Railways came into being in 1993 and John made his first visit four…

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17th April 2019 · ‘Mixed Transport’

17 Apr 2019

Presenter: Martyn Davies April brought Martyn Davies with a selection of transport slides. Whilst railways dominated the evening we also found aircraft, shipping and buses on the screen. Possibly a…

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20th March 2019 · ‘An Evening of Nostalgia’

20 Mar 2019

Presenter: Mike Ellis Mike Ellis gave an evening of nostalgia at our meeting on 20th March. Extracts of Mike’s video films are included on commercial videos and some of these…

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